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Thread: Unable to access the beta

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    Unable to access the beta

    Hi there,

    I received the beta invite for being a PS MVP. I cannot access the beta because it is currently locked and every time I go to it, it says please purchase this on the PlayStation Store. Is it on your end or is it on my end that I'm having trouble? Thanks,

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    The Closed Beta is available to Sony PlayStation MVP users in the United States and Canada right now. Are you in one of these countries and received the MVP code from Sony?

    We'll do all we can to help. Thanks!

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    It's working now! Guess I had to shut the system down! Thanks for your speedy reply!

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    It's working! I put my Playstation into rest mode and it worked! Thanks for your speedy reply!

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    Great! Glad it's working now!

    The quickmatch and league play matchmaking will likely be slow initially, but we are hoping it will improve as more players come into the closed beta.


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