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Thread: Not finding any games... or is nobody online?

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    Not finding any games... or is nobody online?

    In searching for online games with and against other players, I'm finding that the matchmaking services of Trans-Galactic Tournament are not being met. You can sit there for five minutes or more and the game will never find a single match.

    My conclusion in all of this though (considering the game is in the beta stage) could very well be simply no one else is online doing the beta test at the same time.

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    Hi! You are correct. Currently, there are so few players that Quickmatch (yes, we're aware of the irony ) and League Matches are few and far between. It has only been in Closed Beta for a day now, and we are planning to add more players over the next week, in a methodically staged roll out.

    This is all part of us being ultra careful about server testing and stability. While necessary, we fully appreciate the consequences of a small initial player base.

    Thanks for playing & stay tuned!

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    I experienced the same. Thanks for the reply HolyToledo. I'll keep trying from time to time.

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    Tried tonight several times to no avail. A bad night to try (Sa****ay), but I'll give it another whirl a couple times this week.

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    I tried for 2 hours nothing found will try in a few days

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    spent 10 hours or so no games i leave it searching for about a hour each time is there a way we can set a date and time to meet up?

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    Hi! We have now put bots in matchmaking to let everyone earn rewards and test while the player base grows. We are also releasing the beta key to a wider audience to allow more people into the game. Hopefully that helps. We will also be coordinating specific times to play so we can test the servers a little more thoroughly.

    Stay tuned and thanks for understanding while we work to improve the game!!

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    You can always add me and my buddy and we'd love to play with real people!
    I am drailimon, he is squeegeeking. Send us a friend request and mention TGT in your messages and we will add you.

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    I don't mind an add on psn: Johnny_is_a_boy if you guys would like to meet up online. I would prefer a rollout of more folks slamming the game to get a more true test of the servers stability but I understand hope to play with some peeps online!

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