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Thread: TGT - Bugs & Known Issues

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    My account will not authenticate I have tried the other accounts on my console and they work fine but my lvl 28 account with all my characters, workouts, currency, and a lot of now wasted time because I can't access it. I tried restarting and updating so far but nothing but aside from that and the ton of game crashes it is lots of fun

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    I also am having the same problem with authentications. I have tried everything I can think of. just relived that I am not the only person who has it. WE NEED YOU KIZ, let us know something already

    PS4 Id is Haylicks
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    Ya I haven't had any luck all day with my account name is Razusaki. Same as on here it would be great to play at some point hell I just wanna check my ****ed account

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    I purchased stacks to strengthen my Khan character and when I went to play, all the stacks I purchased had disappeared AND the money was not put back into my bank.

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    Quote Originally Posted by xXZathosXx View Post
    I just experienced a glitch where the rival khan recieved only 15-29 damage per hit when my chain attacks do 100-100-50. I recorded the match replayed the video and realized that the rival had no buffs active from his teammates but yet he is invincible. He's health bar even kept going back up faster than 3 of us can hit him. I just about lost my mood to continue playing after this had happened.
    This is a game breaker -- it is still happening as of NOV 11 - 2015

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    He must be using 5 Tier 3 Elbow Pads with Khan that's 80% resistances. If he also combines Heavy Suit Tier 3 Badge which gives him extra 50% resistances for 2 seconds IF YOU HIT HIM WITH BASIC. This means if you hit him with a basic you can in turn heal him or do little to no damage. This isn't a bug, but if you believe so send the recording to kiz, they know best.

    Tip, use crusher tier 3 strength badge. It will lower all resistances by 75% by a basic attack for couple seconds. Thus being vulnerable to damage!

    Thanks for your feedback.

    - Hashky

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    VOOGHOUL is OP!!!!!
    He makes with her heads that follow you to much demage. It gives one shot like the skill that puts all champs into the mid. All gives one shot. He is fu****g OP!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Trophy "non points for you" glitched bcose Conquest mode dont exist annymore!!!! Fix this fast please its like that from

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