TGT 1.02 Patch Notes: (6/18/15)
  • Now clearing asset bundles when entering the main menu. This eliminates out-of-memory errors and should reduce (but not eliminate) the likelihood of the game freezing during instance gameplay. We are still working on a 100% fix for the freeze bug.
  • Moved tutorial dialog boxes and skill description boxes up a bit for better legibility; they will no longer overlap other elements like the skill buttons on the HUD.
  • Removed a placeholder credits string.
  • Fixed controller status dialog box depth; if your controller disconnects (due to a depleted battery for example), the pop-up indicating this will now be on the top layer and fully visible no matter how many pop-ups are on-screen.
  • Updated localization files; some strings were cleaned up for spelling/grammar in both English and French.
  • Fixed issue where repeatedly pressing X when attempting to start a solo match lead to an inconsistent state.
  • Fixed "Triage" badge; it was not carrying out its expected function before.