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Thread: Group Matchmaking

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    Group Matchmaking

    So my buddy and I have just started the closed beta and we we're trying to get into a game on the same team, set up the group, started searching for a match and ultimately only the host can get into a match and the second player is stuck in limbo until they either quit or force close TGT.

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    Hi there Drailimon!

    Hopefully I can help you troubleshoot this....let's take a scenario where you are the host and your buddy is the client. Both of you are in a group together and the group only comprises of the two of you. When you select Quickmatch (or any League mode) and queue up to search for a game, does your buddy receive a message asking him/her to confirm to join the match? If so, does your buddy accept the request within the 10 seconds allotted?

    Feel free to provide me with any further details and we'll try to get to the bottom of this. Thanks!

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    Yes, we get that but once we accept it it goes to an unmoving count down and wont continue, though the host will see the other persons name on their team when they load in but that person cannot see this, move, or interact in any way. Once loaded in the host will have a full party of bots plus the sprite / avatar of an extra player that has the second persons name.

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    Ah okay, I understand the situation better now. Thanks for the additional info.

    I just attempted to reproduce this a few times on 2 retail PS4 kits and was unsuccessful; both of my users were able to get into the match without difficulty. It's possible that a few of our fixes on the latest patch may have changed something relating to grouping.... Could you and your buddy please install patch 1.02 (highlight the TGT icon on your PS4 Dynamic Menu, press the Options button and then select 'Check for Update') and attempt to group with your friend again?

    Let me know if this helps whenever you get the chance and we'll take it from there. Thanks once again.

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    Its installing the update now, my friend works today but as soon as he's home we will give it a shot. Loving the game so far by the way and I will update this ASAP. Thanks for all the support!

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    Can confirm this issue exists for my friend and I as well. Exactly as Drailimon has explained. It has been this way before & after the recent patch.

    The only way we can join the same match is if we queue at the same time (solo)--this however puts us on opposite teams.

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    Alrighty, my buddy and I tried again and the issue is persisting. So something else isn't quite right.

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    Class, if you want to add me on psn we can give it a shot as well

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    We will keep trying to recreate it and track down the source of the issue. Thanks again for the detailed report and your patience!!

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    An update on this: We think this issue may be related to NAT settings, which may explain why our own PS4 kits have no problem grouping with each other but many of you guys are running into issues when attempting to group amongst yourselves. Our dev team is currently looking into this and I'll be sure to get back to you with more news as soon as it arrives.

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