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Thread: Here's my proposal. The short version...

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    Here's my proposal. The short version...

    If you want to read my super long-winded essay on the state of the game as I see it, check out the other thread. I’ll keep this one short and to the point:

    In the beginning, when you’re relatively weak, the game is brutally hard. You need BB just to get through the campaigns and beat bosses. First Strike is the best, if not only way to earn lots of tokens, buy and evolve your fighters, buy crates and advance in the game. (Of course you can buy them for real money, that’s beside the point)

    Once you’ve done all that and you have multiple maxed Elites, the only real challenge left is a live opponent in the Arena. Those are few and far between and it sucks that the reality is that most of those battles come down to luck because we’re all still using First Strike and BB.

    Why does a team of maxed Elites need a Boost? Needing a boost implies weakness. Level 30 teams need a boost to compete with maxed Elites. Shame on you for using BB with a team of maxed elites against a team of level 30s. First Strike is for winning fast because you only have 30 minutes to earn as many tokens as possible.

    What's more fun, a three round fight or a 10 round fight?

    Who doesn’t groan or even forfeit right away when your live opponent has 2 or 3 first strikes and you don’t have any?

    Is it fun, interesting or challenging to be on either side of that scenario?

    Wouldn’t it be more fun, interesting and challenging without First Strike and BB?

    There are 51 fighters. How many do you have? How many do you use?

    We don’t have to wait for an update to make the game more fun for us.

    All we have to do is agree: No First Strike teams in the Arena. (Yep. No Sabreclaw. We can talk about Starling & Dark Archer)

    While we're at it, no BB either. (If it’s for a quest, use them against AI. You know who the live opponents are by now)

    What do you think?
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