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Thread: World Event 10x loop

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    World Event 10x loop

    I thought I had already posted this, but don't see it here. My apologies if this is redundant.
    I was cruising through a World Event and got to the roughly 7x coin level. I accidentally continued the WE for 150 or some absurd amount of gems. So...such is life. 100% user error. So I just kept going for another 28-29 minutes! Unfortunately, when I either got to it...or would have got PAST the 10x just kept looping and looping and looping the meter. But didn't allow me to start the next battle. I ran out of time and the event ended.

    womp womp


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    Hey Lobrowe!

    Thanks for the heads up. I'll look in to that and see what I can find!

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    Until we are able to implement the fixto stop the runaway awesome of the 10x multiplier, here is a proposed reset so you can continue to enjoy your justly earned beaucoup rewards!

    When the multiplier meter begins its victory laps, close the app. I mean completely: open the 'background applications' function of the device and shut down Might and Mayhem. Reopen the app, and continue mowing down the opposition in the World Event.

    Note: 10x is the maximum multiplier for world events. Additional KO's should not cause this bug to reoccur as the KO meter will no longer update.

    Enjoy! Thank you for bringing this to our attention!

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    Herro! Still gives me the loop and when I tried the reset/restart it tells me to pay 500 gems to continue. Who has that kind of cash lying around.

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    Great news!
    As of v. 1.34, I believe we have successfully fixed this issue.
    Battle away!


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