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Thread: New Update Bugs

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    Angry New Update Bugs

    Just right now the game kicked me out twice, while I was dueling in the arena battle causing me to lose. Can you please fix it, it messing up my duels! 😡😡😡

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    First of all: The update is AWESOME! Great frickin' job! Thanks to the entire team for working late nights and weekends to get this MASSIVE update shipped! Seriously!


    Here are four of my previously reported personal pet peeves that either slipped through or were not high enough priority:

    1. When fighters Provoke a fighter with an Area Attack and you use the Area Attack, status effects are only applied to the Provoker, not the other 2. This is 100% repeatable with Sir Knight, Big Chief and Rat *******. Obviously, this greatly reduces the effectiveness of Area attacks. Please fix!

    2. You fixed Mew Mew's shroud on Death Defy (Thanks!), but the previously reported problem of the Death Defy *sometimes* cleansing status effects from Mew Mew has not been fixed. I actually thought it had been because status effects were applied/retained the first couple of times I tried it, but then last night I lost a fighter in a horde raid to a Mew Mew who should have been poisoned and killed at the start of the next round. Bummer! This is *not* 100%, so you'll have to set up the scenario as described in my initial report and cycle thru it several times to reproduce it.

    3. Status effects are not being applied to shrouded fighters - 100% reproducible. (I'm talking about the shroud applied by Majikai & Bonzo. I haven't yet had the opportunity to test on a fighter with the new First Strike II trait, but you guys should check that out as well )

    4. Weaken is not being applied to buffs from either the wolves' howls or Screed's 3AP area attack. I carefully tested this last night by applying weaken to a Sabreclaw 3X between my Screed and Inigo. I confirmed that the Sabreclaw's attack was 0 according to the tooltip. When Sabreclaw howled - without using claw first to clear the weaken effect - the full buff was applied to the other fighters. Whah whah!

    Again FANTASTIC JOB! I love and support each and every one of you!
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    Can I get some sort of a response regarding the above issues? Are you planning to release patches before the next big thing?


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    Hey Matt, thanks for the finds! We are currently trying to square away these as well as any others that's coming down the pipeline. But we are definitely trying to get to these ASAP! Thanks again for your diligence !

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