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Thread: Question about the new "saving items" feature:

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    Question about the new "saving items" feature:

    LOVE the update and new features. (Gonna keep saying that )

    WRT the new Save/Swap item option:

    Does saving an item mean that we "own" it and it can be swapped in & out without destroying it?

    I doubt it, but would like confirmation.

    In the likely event that this is not the case and it's a one-time thing, I humbly suggest that 250 gems is too high. I know that M&M needs to make money. I have and will continue to spend real money to support the game that I love, the company that makes it and all of the awesome people that do all the heavy lifting and put up with my ****, but 250 gems to re-use an item once is too high.

    I'd be all over it for 25-50, maybe even 100 gems (and prolly end up spending 250 or more per item over time) but 250 is too high. To put it another way, regardless of the real-world conversion rate, 250 gems feels to me like a major purchase.

    25-50 gems is a purchase I'll make without really thinking about it and I won't be keeping track of 25 gem purchases when I've done ten or more them. I hope that makes sense. Maybe you guys have research that suggests different behaviors are expected across large groups.

    That's my $.02

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    Greatly appreciate the input Matt, you can remove the item with a cost, and the cost varies depending on the rarity of the item. Once removed it gets shipped back into your inventory. Sounds a lot better than before when you removed the item it was lost in infinity riiiiight

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    Ok, so be clear: Saving an item will cost (x gems) each time we do it. Correct?

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