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Thread: Trans-galactic tournament PS VITA

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    Trans-galactic tournament PS VITA

    Hello TGT, can you make this game for the PS VITA system?

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    Right now they are focusing on one system at a time. Once the PS4 has a successful launch, then they will focus on PC to make up to their previous Smashmuck champions fans. After that it may be possible for them to start on PS Vita if they so wish. Sorry I don't bring good news but hey can always get PS4 and remote play =)

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    Hi! Emomiime is correct. We are focusing on PS4 right now, then PC (most likely), then on to other platforms. PS Vita is def. on our radar, as is mobile and other consoles. Right now we are exclusive to Sony and they have been great to us. Stay tuned as we go and we'll keep updating everyone here.


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