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Thread: Trophy Bug

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    Trophy Bug

    ok sorry i suck with technology and cant figure out how to upload a picture it said the picture was too big and i need to resize it, but i have no idea how.but basically, i was checking the leaderboards and my trophy count was 11,019 but under that it showed 11,136 so im confused and when i tried to reload the game, the error was still occuring. so now im not sure how many trophies i have...

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    Hey Technos, sorry for the confusion. It shows you at 11970 trophies as of right now.

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    thanks! and yea it updated my trophies about an hour later.

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    Hey Technos!

    Thanks for your diligence in telling us when things don't seem right!

    I asked around a little bit about your delayed trophy update, and here's what I turned up!
    We update leaderboards on a periodic basis to reduce server load. If we updated instantly whenever someone won or lost trophies, not only would the list be very irregular, it may cause lag.

    So! I'm sorry for the inconvenience, but I promise the delay is for a good reason.

    Please keep telling us when things seem weird! We're always trying to make Might and Mayhem better for our players.

    Have a great day!

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    Oh alright that makes sense. thanks for the update Toasty!

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