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Thread: Mind if I start making a wiki?

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    Mind if I start making a wiki?

    While this question is mostly for the devs for their permission to start compiling a wiki, it is also a question for you guys as well. If I started making a wiki would anyone like to help me with this endeavor? Thanks guys and have a good one!

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    Hey Emomiime! Not only do we not mind if you make a wiki for TGT, we can probably help in some way. Contact us @ and we'll do what we can to help the cause!


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    Alright thank you for the response and once I get some downtime I will definitely get started!
    *edit* Here is the link for the very basic start. I will start adding much more starting tomorrow. http://transgalactictournament.wikia...urnament_Wikia
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    Cool! Drop us a line ( and we can help supplement with image files. We have it all and I bet we could save you time getting it together!

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    I would also like to help on a wiki project, If extra hands are needed, Contact me on here!

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    I'm interested. Let me know what I can do to help.

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    The same as these to
    I've got some extra time to commit to the game, and the wiki

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    Would also love to help with a wiki. Just message me on here to get in touch.

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    Count us in. Just let us know how we can help. Thanks!!

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    If theres no action on this in next few days, I could start on up, Ill make sure to contact you guy Holytoledo, if this ends up happening for sure!

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