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Thread: Disrupt doesn't disrupt b/c it shouldn't

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    Disrupt doesn't disrupt b/c it shouldn't

    When fighting a boss with the 'no doom, no freeze, no etc' ability: when desmodus shoots his thing and it says disrupt and X's out the boss's 'no doom' ability. It's not exactly true b/c the boss is still immune to doom (for example). Does this make sense? Words...hard. Rove, Lob

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    Hey Lob!

    Yup, that's a silly visual glitch! Technically Mini-Bosses are immune to Disrupt also, to prevent their immunity from being a total laugh. Thanks for pointing it out, I've forwarded it to the programmers.
    We really appreciate you letting us know when you've found a bug!

    Happy Hunting!

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