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Thread: Bug Bounties!!

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    Bug Bounties!!

    Hey Mayhemers!

    Welcome to the Wanted Board of our little slice of community forum!!

    Here's an F.A.Q!

    I love squashing bugs, and you guys like having a stable game. Sometimes, I need help tracking down a
    very sneaky bug. If-or-when that happens, I will offer rewards for information in this thread.
    If you like bug hunting too, subscribe to this thread for updates!

    Are you serious?
    I test this game a lot, but all the hours I put in to it still doesn't equal the amount of time you guys play. Plus, you all have very unique strategies and rare combinations that uncover bugs! It's your creativity and enthusiasm that make this game what it is, and it's super valuable in tracking down extremely tough problems.

    Is this gonna be a regular thing?
    I only post the biggest, baddest bounties for you guys.

    Okay, so what do I do?
    I'll post a big bug bounty here. If you are subscribed, you'll get a notification. If not, check back sometimes, okay?
    I'll share what I know about it, maybe request certain kinds of recon, and offer a reward.

    Then, when you encounter that bug, you come back here and tell me everything you know about it.

    Interesting...How do I get the reward?
    If the information you provide in your post leads us directly to that bug, you'll get a reward! Now, this is a case-by-case basis. This mean that in some cases, a couple of people qualify for a reward. These will be distributed individually. Sometimes, no one will qualify for a reward! That's the saddest case, but it sometimes happens.

    I reserve the right to decide what information, if any, was helpful in the hunt and therefore earns rewards. Just any old call-in isn't necessarily helpful, especially on bugs sneaky enough to land themselves here. That being said, these are going to be difficult cases and uncommon, so if you do encounter the bug and take notes for us the odds of reward are good.

    How about if I have more information later?
    Sorry! Although your diligence is appreciated, any information submitted after the Bounty has been identified as resolved will be disregarded. If it's already fixed on our end, you can expect it to be fixed on the next patch!

    Can I report ANY bug here?
    No, absolutely not.

    I will remove posts unrelated to the Bounties, as these are going to be special cases.
    If you have another issue or bug to tell us about please do so in the Bugs & Issues forum as a new post. If you have ideas or suggestions, please take them to the General Discussion or Arena Discussion boards to share with your fellow players! A moderator will check on your report and update you as soon as possible!

    Okay! Let's get started!
    If you have any other questions about bug hunting, check out the next few links!

    Thread Rules! - Not active yet
    Bug Reports: A How-To - Active
    Forum Rules - Active

    As always, make sure you follow the rules of the forum! Enjoy yourselves but be respectful to one another!

    Happy hunting!!
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