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Thread: Bug Bounties!!

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    Hahah! Yes, Jooje, the bug was most definitely linked to an integration issue between Apple's Metal and Unity.
    Luckily, our devs were able to think up a workaround for this patch, so we can bide our time until an actual fix turns up.

    Let me double-check with my boss before I hand out the moolah, though...I really like my job and would like to keep it.

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    Ok I am sure he will stand by his word

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    I'm 99.9% sure I sent you and admin chest with the loot in it on the 17th...
    That afternoon I logged in to my production account, found you in the chat, and sent a chest with 600 gems your way. It should be in your messages? Double check and come back; I'll put this page on my watchlist today. Sorry I took so long getting back to you, Jooje!

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    Oh! It was lying there in my messages box for a while now. I keep gifted chests unopened for quests. It was not under your name or kiz the reason why I didn't open guessed it was a random player. Found it now.

    Thank you Kizstudios for the gems much appreciated.�� you guys rock!

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    Thank you, Jooje! Sorry for the confusion!

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