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Thread: Please add a confirmation dialog when spending gems

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    Please add a confirmation dialog when spending gems

    I'm not going to re-hash the issues at length, but I want to point out a few things wrt to spending gems when we absolutely, positively didn't want to and we end up spending gems:

    Two use cases:

    1. Player is in a World Event where it is a race against the clock. It often comes down to seconds in the last wave. There are many times I've started the last wave with 5 seconds or less remaining. The problem is that the Continue (without spending gems) and the Spend Gems to Continue button are in the exact same place. If it's really close, the button changes from free to ~150 gems in the time it takes for my brain to read and process which state is active and send the signal to my finger to tap the button. If there is a confirmation dialog, there's no problem. Alternatively, if the button is moved to a different place on screen, there is less chance of accidental spending. As it is, I've tapped the spend button several times and so has Captain Lob Rowe as reported in another thread on this forum.

    2. Player is fighting in the Arena and one or more fighters are KO'd. It's one of those rare times when you've just fought a live player and you want to revive the KO'd fighters and *pick a new team* as quickly as possible so you get a rematch. You do not want to spend gems to revive the old team - they just got beat. As your trying to select the KO'd fighters and press the revive button, you get an alert that a friend has either logged in or out. This interrupts the process and for some reason, the selection reverts to the previous fighter and the button switches from the revive for time option on the new fighter to the revive instantly for gems button on the previously selected player and with the button in the same place, bingo! you just spent 30 gems.

    I get it. We're talking about $.30 or $1.00. This is a freemium game, your revenue comes from small transactions. The "workaround" is to be careful and deliberate. Okay. If that's the way it is, that's the way it is, but it's a poor user experience and maybe a reason that new players don't continue. For me, it's not about the money. I have and will continue to support the game with my dollars, it's the principle and the fact that it makes me mad when it happens.

    Thanks for reading.

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