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Thread: Champion Khan

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    Sword and shield

    In case devs haven't noticed yet...
    Sword and shield champ seems incredibly over powered...
    Speed increase + high damage + high health?
    Doesn't seem like it makes too much sense...
    Was enjoying the game, and this match alone makes me no longer want to play.
    Maybe I was queued up with really high level people, but our team couldn't even leave our spawn point... 3 trumpet guys = game over...

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    I agree he is the over powered champion with all of his buffs

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    Champion Khan

    This character, with all of his buffs and workout training, becomes way too much to handle for any individual player. Even with a full team of 4 non bot characters it took a while to finally defeat him. The large amount of health that Khan can aquire is ridiculous compared to the other champions. This needs to be nerfed a bit and scaled down for balance purposes

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    i usually make pretty short work of khan using nexi. her debuff makes her cut through him like paper, and im noticing that in grpup fights, shes almost unkillable. if they fix the workouts, she might be OP. even now shes really strong

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    Khan overpowered

    He's a cool character but when theirs a team of two he's to much. And sometimes even alone. He can heal himself and outrun everyone, also the pocket healing of khan is getting out of hand.

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    I faced a team of 4 khans in a game of annihilation and it was practically impossible to kill any of them since they all stuck together. I agree that he needs a nerf.

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    Agree, overpowered.

    Wouldn't be so if this were a traditional moba, since he would not be that useful against towers or in team fights, with low range, low dps and no aoe, but as this game doesn't allow players to retreat behind turrets etc. the tanky yet defensive character doesn't have his low dps as a limitation. It does not matter if he does low damage if he can simply close the gap and kill you. Nothing you can do but die.

    His dps may be low but his % damage relative to his own health is higher than any other character, additionally he can heal, and his speed boost gives him the best closing in mechanic that this game has. Which is odd, for a defensive character.

    I'm okay with him being a tank (perhaps a small nerf) but the fact that he can close the gap so fast, and while healing almost all of his hp, makes him a huge problem. I mostly play kilowatt so I have to save his stun to shut his mobility down when he uses this, but I can never kill him unless he's foolish and decides to pursue me on low HP.

    Additionally, when playing Khan myself, I have no problem taking anyone. So far while I avoid the character, my matches have been 12-0, 16-1, 14-0. He's brain dead to play, and even when my opponents fight me skillfully they still lose because I can use battle plan to mediate my mistakes.

    I think Battleplan should be swapped with Kilowatts healing ability. It restricts his mobility but heals him and allies, that would make sense sine Khan is supposed to be a slower, defensive character. Kilowatts ability does not make that much sense because it causes him to be immobile, and since he is squishy, it's almost never practical to do so.

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    There is no doubt whatsoever that Khan needs a nerf. One moderately leveled Khan can easily overpower any other champion in a 1v1 situation. A team with 2+ players running Khan is just unbeatable. The only way I have found to get around Khan's buffs are to use Nexi's rending claws, which even then is a tough battle.

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    Personally, I think it should be made so that we can only have 1 of each character, and Khan's HP should be dropped, so that it's not winning every 1v1.
    It'd DEFINITELY solve the current khan issue at hand, and possibly stop other issues from other characters.
    Khan is a completely dominant force in this game, and there's no argument to be made against it from my point of view. If this character is not extensively nerfed, or a character limit of 1 isn't added, I know of a few players already who will be quitting.

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    We will be adjusting Khan soon to bring him more in line with other champs. Thanks to everyone for the detailed reports!

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