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    maybe im just blind to this as a Nexi player, but ive faced off against a team of 3 khan and 1 killowatt, and while the battle was tough, was far from impossible or unfair. definately required us to work together as a team, but his damage is just so low. Im not saying he doesnt need to be tweaked, but a full on nerf? hes just not THAT good. and for the record, hes my least favorite champ and i agree he is a snore to play due to how little you have to think to play him.

    As an aside, i think once the bowling strength workout is fixed, he will be a joke compared to the damage Killowatt, Rook, and Ace will do.

    EDIT: just saw HolyToldeo's post. Im honestly sad about this as hes really not tbat bad.....
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