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Thread: Champion Khan

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    i can 100% vouch that workouts make the difference in EVERY fight. I can solo stomp low level groups of Khans, even 4 Khans since im almost level 30 currently and most players arent. Now would i stomp those same khans 4v1 if everything was even? prolly not, but i can say it should be a fairly even match-up in a 1v1 (using appropriate builds).

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    3 khan 1 nexi is probably best makeup right now. You guys need to explain the debuts buffs system in the game cause some people picking it up never having played a moba don't understand what everything does. And those that do play khan or nexi lol

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    Over power :khan

    KHAN is very op on this this game I see everyone using him he needs to be fixed most of my friends can't enjoy this beside how op KHAN is it's like we either play has him or get killed using another person this a me it's balanced right with KHAN I don't like playing it with him as over powered as he is

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    It should be like league where only one person can be KHAN

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    Honestly after having played with and against him more, I no longer find him to be overpowered. It's a character that's specifically good against players who are not good at the game. It is good in general, but VERY good against bad players. I say this because I realized all you have to do is debuff like you would any other buffed character in a fight.
    It's really unnecessary for it to be nerfed. If it really seems like an issue, I say once again to limit the use of each character on a specific team.

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    depending on the game mode, the teams can be pretty different. plunderball teams that i see consistantly winning are 1 Rook, 1 Nexi, 1 Khan, 1 Killowatt. Completely stops 4 khans almost every time.

    conquest: 2 Khan, 1 Nexi, 1 Killowatt

    annihilation: 1(or 2) khan, 1 oddilus, 1(or 2) killowatt

    though kahn is the current metta, i dont think he will stay that way. by next patch i hope alot of the workouts have been fixed so that we can see a drastic change in gameplay.

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    Over powered: KHAN

    Fix him!!!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Thebondboyz2 View Post
    Fix him!!!!!!
    He's not over powered. Learn to play!

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    He's not over powered. He just requires a certain skill set to beat.

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    My friend here doesn't take damage at all lol and he killed 4 players with 1 move kinda insane... Check it out here:

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