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Thread: Champion Khan

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    I honestly think we should judge the champs when everyone is level.30 cause right now any level.30 with any champ can take a group of level.10s,15s easily...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Obmoc View Post
    He's not over powered. Learn to play!
    Khan is overpowered because not every character is able to get through all of his buffs. This would cause everyone to just play debuffing characters or just play khan and there is no fun if everyone is playing the same charcter.

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    there are more than 4 characters that have debuffs, i dont see how anyone is being forced to play as khan or as characters with debuffs

    edit: just because the most used debuffer is Nexi, doesnt mean shes the only one. just because khan has defence, doesnt mean he cant be killed by other chars. i will however agree that he should be reworked with longer cooldowns maybe, or shortened buff duration. but OP? hes far from that.
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    I'm happy that everyone replied and has really varying opinions!
    I didn't really understand the possibility of being queued up with higher level people, but it seems like if you're not playing with a character with any way to debuff, Khan is tough!
    I'll keep on playing!

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    If I never see Khan again that will be a good thing. Baby's first character.

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    I also believe khan is over defensive. 2 khans in a match is too much to handle.Nexi with tier 3 chin ups couldnt even get them to half health before dying.

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    I have spawn camped with nexi and oddli the frog thing ( my friend plays it lol ) several times. Khan isn't op he's just the easiest to use right off. I reck people with plat

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    I'm going to have to agree with the crowd that doesn't find Khan a problem. I started playing about a day ago, and I can take khan on with Ace or Kilowatt no sweat. Yeah, I lose if he catches me with low health and no energy... any decent player would be able to take advantage of you having low health or energy.

    Khan is definitely a strong character. But not OP.

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    There's a rank 3 dmg badge called crusher that debuffs for 75% dmg rest for 5 sec if you hit below 70. Would have dealt with that elbow pad bs

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    Try fighting three of them, it isnt pretty.

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