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Thread: Champion Khan

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    I wouldn't say nerfed but I agree that his speed boost should be swapped with kilowatts recharge. I feel like if salvage strikes damage was like 300-400 but pulled or slowed, heal brought down to 100 would make him feel tanky.

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    i have faught 3 of them, and ill do you one better, we beat a team of 4 of them. as NEXI, i can solo 2 of them. 3 of them just means i ask my team for back-up or (in the case of pugs) stay closer to at least 1 of my allies.

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    There are a plethora of ways to defeat Khan, this topic is getting old.

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    you dont think it deserves a sticky? L M A O

    srsly doe, you iz right, dis be old and worn

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    Personally as a player in the top ten of annihilation I have no problem with Khans while I have my Nexi. Her debuff along with the speed drain badge which heals you for 5% health as well as stuns every time you basic attack an enemy with a speed buff which means a few khans stunned and not able to move for however long they have the speed buff on. This gives time for your team to regroup as well as debuff him because he's not circling like crazy.
    Anyway my point is once people start getting to max level, working around playing with builds, and actually playing as a team there are plenty of ways to take down a khan you just need to get creative.

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    IMO Khan seems way op at and against low levels, but he balances a lot better against maxed out players. (Most Nexis actually crush Khans) His speed burst probably needs to be toned down. SO rest assured if you keep on playing and leveling you will match up a lot better against him, except for maybe Brutus, he needs a minimum buff of 400 hp and 250 energy along with some small tweaking in his abilities. Bye for now

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    I'm pretty much at the point where if there is more than 1 Khan on the team I quit the game. I don't care how "easy" he is to beat, you get more than 1 who maxed out their defense badges and there is no point.

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    I know this topic is kinda old but I have to say that I don't see how khan is OP and this coming from someone who maxed him out with buff/healing training. Once khan get's stunned and is attacked by two warrior type classes he is done for people seem to forget to use team work in this game. He is tough to take down for a reason he is a tank if you nerf him he will be worthless like Brutus. If anything Brutus should be made stronger and that way people can kill khan. Ninjette is also a new champ and i'm sure once her stealth crit glitch is fixed she can easily k.o tanks. My point is we have more champs coming and we can't judge who is truly OP until we see the full roster. We should focus on making Brutus and others stronger instead and that will fix the problem.

    Edit: Also I think to fix the low level problem there should be a fixed match making system that will pair people based on level such as this

    Having a system like this and keeping people separate in groups would fix the issue no doubt
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