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Thread: Got a few Questions

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    Got a few Questions

    I downloaded your game yesterday, and enjoyed it right away,
    Im a huge Fan of easy to play hard to master games,

    Now i have a few questions and wasn't able to be there for the AMA,

    1.When will i stop seeing bots? In the games I feel as the bots are not giving me the true experience for both sides, and wanna know when they will go away,

    2.I notice in games atm, You can have multiples of one hero, Is this just because there bots? or will team comps be able to have two of a champ, or even three if they find that comp works?

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    We'll be bringing more players to the game in the next couple weeks as we begin to add more markets and hope to remove bots soon. Also duplicate Champions are allowed on the same team based on each player's discretion.

    We're glad you're enjoying the game! Thanks for the feedback!

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    I thought as much about the bots, Thanks for the answers! You'll probably be seeing a bit of me around lol.

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