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Thread: TGT Question.

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    TGT Question.

    Hi, The game is pretty fun. Started to play it alone and had a blast. I just have a few questions.

    Is there any possible way to see how I died? Some type of info maybe telling me what cause the damage.
    My first ever match I kept hitting the enemy yet it looked like I didn't do damage. Is this because I was a lower level?
    Is there any in game option to see the rules of each game mode?

    The game is fun it's just a bit confusing to pick up the tutorial shows you the basics of attacking and moving it would also be useful for them to explain the other buttons available like triangle brings up the info and such. Keep up the good work! The game is fun and i'm excited to see where it goes!

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    Hey Frosty!

    Is there any possible way to see how I died?
    - No not currently, but it's definitely something we could look into implementing. Player level does not affect the damage you deal, unless the other players have certain workouts equipped.

    Rules for each game mode:
    First one to score 3 points wins or in sudden death the first to score wins.
    You cannot score while the other team has your plunderball.
    Once the ball is dropped, touching it will return it to base.

    The more points you have under control, the faster your team will generate points.
    The first team to 100 wins.

    After the time limit ends, the team with the most knockouts wins

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    Thanks for answering OGScheck!

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    Question Partying up and game chat?

    I have a few questions as well. 1st off i love the game lots of fun and i like how its not a in-game leveling system makes it different then other MOABS.
    Now down to the questions. My first question is, is their any form of game chat? Or a way to goto your teammates profile on the fly to invite them to a party chat?
    Next question is, is their a way to invite friends to play in a party for ranked or unranked play? Those are the 2-3 major things that need to be addressed. Its horrible trying to play slaughterball and not havin ur friends 2 play with to strategize or having a team of randoms that you can not communicate with. Please get back asap.
    I also will be streaming this for the next week on ps4 (probably more then a week depending on the answers) for at least 4 hours a day starting usually at noon EST. Viewers and Devs are both welcome 2 join stream, Followers do get priority. Find me on TWITCH- Akmomo49 or add me on psn- Akmomo

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    Hey Akmomo.

    There is a really simple "shout" system in the game right now the uses the D-Pad to display four different icons to your team. We're currently looking into a more robust system. We haven't looked at inviting teamates to party on the fly, but we definitely will.

    Right now you can start a party with your psn friends outside the game, then you can group with them in the game. After starting the party and getting everyone in, start the game and use R1 to scroll over to the icon with the three heads next to the settings on the top menu. You should be able to group with friends and voice chat through the party system. Glad you're enjoying the game, and thanks for streaming. We'll look out for your stream!

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    I love this idea Frosty. Some sort of replay system/ kill cam with the killing swing/ ability description would be very interesting and tie back into creating a new character build. Something that listed the champion name, weapon used, and the deciding workout the opponent had equipped that determined the knockout calculation. Any data that could be provided would be amazing.

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