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Thread: Xavilla

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    @Sir due to the fact there are several champs already with move speed and will be in the future............ I believe that it is ok to give people move speed especially when 10% is not very much. They are not just going to remove all the abilities that currently have move speed. Also I am saying that move speed would make sense just with the nature of how the ability works and what it is used for. Again the dance is alright.... but still feels awkward and not as useful without the move speed.

    @Shadow Brutus is not all that weak once you have the proper workouts. He has the highest base attack damage in the game. This can be used by man different badges such as the electricity badge since you can get his damage above 200 dmg, 4X crit damage badge since he already has 7.5% crit and an attack speed buff, as well as several others. He is very workout dependent but is good once you get full workouts.

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    From what I have seen as a nexi player, If I sneak up on her with my phantom and basic attack her 2-3 times, then rend her, she can't prevent her death.

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    Quote Originally Posted by shadowxros View Post
    Brutus is far weaker and more useless than Xavilla based on observations of my own.
    How so? I haven't seen any flaws with Brutus yet, but Xavilla has a couple flaws that can be pointed out. Brutus is a great well rounded champion while Xavilla seems like a piece of sand-paper.

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    Lol never played much with him other than practice. He's not underpowered just a lot of new people use him and get rekt sense they left fresh lvl1s and max lvl 30s into the same game

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