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Thread: Couple things that def need added

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    Couple things that def need added

    The ability to look at a player's profile from the match summary. This will make teaming up with random players much easier.

    Once you buy a training stat it should remain unlocked, not being able to do so really limits the ability to try new builds.

    Thats all I've got for now, will edit as I come up with more awesome ideas.

    Enabling players met would be cool, not enough games use it on ps4 as its 100% up to the developer this generation.

    An afk timer to kick the guys that like to sit in the spawn and collect gold and xp with no work.

    Plunderball spawn exploit needs fixed as well, the easy solution being to raise the platform up.

    In game voice chat, was shocked when I realized this wasn't already a feature.
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    what do you mean about training stats remaining unlocked? Isn't that how it works?

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    No, if you buy a workout and go to change it, the original will not be unlocked. You must buy it again if you want to use it.

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    So If I buy a level 1 chin up to start with, if I go and buy a level 2 chin up later the level 1 is locked again? If that's right I don't like that either. Anything unlocked should remain unlocked imo.

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    I agree wholeheartedly with that, Obmoc. Also, I am a little confused as to whether or not Leatherhead and Oddilus stay permanently unlocked either, considering they have a different lock symbol. I posted this in another post as well, but a second opinion is always welcome.

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    Yes! looking at player profile should be implemented. This makes it much easier to party up or make new friends.

    As far as the training stats remaining locked, I wonder if this is an intentional feature. This really does restrict your option of trying to make new builds. 100% agree with you on this one.

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    There's a sticky with this stuff on it atm

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