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Thread: Dear Devs any chance of us getting a higher level cap?

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    Dear Devs any chance of us getting a higher level cap?

    Haven't played the game long but I truly enjoy it but are we getting a higher level cap in the near future?

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    good question, though i dont think it will be in the near future (if at all). as a level 30 player, i definately would like to do something with these extra 2x EXP boosts i have.

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    Player base will have to grow. As it stand 1-30 all fight and 30s reck people even in the 20s if badged right

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    What are people expecting from a higher level cap? There are already workouts for every stat booster. If more are added its just going to make the "everything is op" threads worse.

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    Maybe unlocking a few more coin and chip packs?

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    weightofatlus has the right idea. maybe just a small coin boost of maybe 1k gold per additional level.

    second idea: a "prestige" mode or something that lrts you keep your unlocks, but for each level of prestige it would unlock a new emblem or portrait border, or some other carrot on a stick cosmetic to chase

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    The point of the game is to dominate the other team. Lvls are just there to ease you into the game instead of throwing all of it at once. That being said I don't really see the point of the lower badge considering 30 takes less than 20 hours play time. I guess just to help with the one champ you are lvling with?

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    i agree with you that this is the reason for leveling up. it makes the most sense. the only problem is at level 30, you can still purchase 2x EXP. your response is probably along the lines of "well dont buy them." which i would also agree with.

    except, now ive hit lve hit level 30 and still have 10 of them left. if i had paid for them (i didnt, they were free) i would feel extremely ripped off. i paid actual money for something that has no use now.

    now lets pretend im on the other side of the fence. that i work for Kiz. we need the money. we are a tiny game company, in a sea of monsterously large companies. and now, most of our core demographic, doesnt even NEED half of what we sell. our profits are gonna go down.

    people will always want the 2x money. money has basically infinite use in the game, but 2x EXP is only useful to a certain level.
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