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    A Game Designers Perspective

    Hi everyone, My name is obmoc. I have my degree in game design and have tested games in the video game industry. The following is a list of game play suggestions/enhancements and bugs that I would love to see added and or fixed before full release. This by far isn't a complete list. I will update this thread and add items as I find them.


    1. Last Man Standing - Teams battle and must work together to survive. Best of 3 rounds wins. No Respawns during a round. Team with the last player alive wins the round.

    2. Target Hunt - A player on each team is designated as the target. Teams must protect their target and kill the opponents target to win. Every target kill nets points. Respawns are allowed. When a target is killed a new one is randomly selected from the team. There is a round timer.

    3. Traditional Base Attack - The teams have to attack and destroy an enemy base/generator. The twist is only the npc creeps can do damage to the generator. The players must protect the creeps and lead them to the enemy base. Essentially, this mode becomes an escort mission.


    In a game that deviates so much from the traditional game type formula and focuses on fast pace arena style play I would think having a cool down timer on player base attacks is a hindrance. I propose the cool down timer on base attacks is removed so the players can have a one to one interaction with the environment. What I mean is player's should always be allowed to do something. A timer shouldn't be blocking them. Especially in active style game modes like Plunderball. If I chase down the opponent attempting to score and am stopped from finishing him off because of a count down timer that seems lame and frustrating. Imagine if that was the winning score, or if that score sent the game into sudden death. I was in position to make the play and win the game but the game wouldn't let me.


    I would love to see more interactive positions on the maps. Hiding spots for ambushes, more jump pads, more environment traps like trap doors with switches that can be activated, or bridges that crumble as you walk over them like a mario platformer, etc.. This would significantly help with gameplay variety.


    Ok this one will be controversial. I propose we implement a streak reward system for kills and deaths. They would activate at 3, 5, and 7 kills or deaths in a row. These bonuses would be passive and boost player stats breaking the game balance on purpose. They would reward streaking players and boost players that are having a difficult time. These passive bonuses would have short timers and provide excellent opportunities for epic arena style comeback opportunities for the esports scene.


    Games like Marvel Puzzle Quest, Warframe, etc.. provide a successive daily logon bonus. I think a system in which the player was awarded small amounts of boosts, coins, and even character skins etc.. would add to the addiction factor and keep players coming back for more.


    This is probably already in the game, but I'll say it anyway. We need more than one daily challenge listed at a time. preferably a mix of challenges between different characters.


    I would love to see a map voting system added to the UI flow when selecting a character in pre game. This way squads could vote on the maps they prefer. It would up the competition level and add another layer of strategy. I think this has a ton of potential, especially if we add more game types and map hazards. The combinations between game types, maps, hazards, etc.. would be amazing. Teams would develop interesting strategies.


    1. The game hangs and appears unresponsive when logging in for the first time and entering the tutorial. Pressing "X Button" appears to do nothing.

    2. The player is unable to drop the Plunderball with "Circle Button" without instantly picking it back up.

    3. The game hangs when a player scores the final ball in a Plunderball match while getting attacked. This nearly prompted a hard reset but the game eventually recovered and enter the post game screen. It just took a couple min.
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