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Thread: BASE ATTACK Cool Down REMOVAL!!!

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    In a game that is so fast paced and focused on arena action with physicality I think the player should always be allowed to do something. They should never be caught waiting for a count down timer to use a base attack.

    Imagine chasing down the opponent before a game winning Plunderball score and being in position to attack only to be limited by a count down timer and forced to lose. This loss was out of the player's hand. That can be frustrating for new players and many will leave this game as a result never to return again.

    I propose that base weapons have no cool down. It is a one to one interaction. Base Attack damage is the only stat effecting this slot. Unless a weapon adds elemental damage or other bonuses to the base attack.

    I also propose that since all players can jump each champion should have their own "hulk smash" attack when in the air.

    This puts just the slightest bit more control into the player's hands. The jump attacks could also cause various levels of knockback allowing the players to setup their opponents for environment hazards.

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    Through discussion I have come up with a hybrid solution that fits the game perfectly. The full discussion is at the link above.

    Basically, the solution is to use the weapon system and provide player's with both types of weapons. Base weapons aka starting champion weapons have no cool down timer but are weak. Higher level champion weapons do much more damage and offer better passive boosts but require much longer cool downs to use. This eases the entry barrier for all players and increases build possibilities for all players.

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    In every game, there is such a thing as WORLD COOLDOWN, This world cool down prevents spamming, and also Creates room for the Server, and your system to process certain things,
    The attack cool down is actully Fine in my book, as it hasnt effected gameplay at all,
    Removing a basic attack cooldown, would cause certain issues, one of which just spamming it lol, If your attack speed is higher, You will get to attack faster, Thats the way it should be

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    Level up b4 u talk about basic attack

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    You can already get your atk speed so fast it doesn't cool down need to level up

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