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Thread: Another Plunderball Exploit

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    Another Plunderball Exploit

    Some how a bunch of friends were able to get a 5th friend on the opposing team. This player on my team was allowed to capture the enemy ball and then just stand off to the side with the ball keeping it away from our team. This was after the enemy team scored first of course allowing them to secure the win. We had multiple chances to score after wiping the opposing team but the player would just stand there jumping in place throwing us the thumbs up sign. So frustrating. I almost threw my controller.

    We need a voting system to allow early surrenders that disable all coin and xp gains for both teams for early withdraw. Something simple like surrender yes or no? This way this stuff is stopped right in its tracks. if there is no gain for doing it that should minimize this non sense.

    His name is Stoopnscoop5.

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    no matter what you do, trolls gonna be trolls. best to roll with a group of 4, though i do agree that ideally we should have a way to do this, i feel like trolls would just abuse that function as well. most times its just better to remove yourself from those games.

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    An early surrender vote, i dont agree with games are very fast as they are,
    NOW, a vote kick system, that if 3 out of the four people on the team kick you your done, is a good idea
    Now...groups of two..of co**** will do this..and well vote no, and still troll

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