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    Just got out of two matches back to back that each had one champ with the ability to take zero damage. None. Even on the end screen. Will post screens as soon as I can pull them from my ps4.

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    Their Physical/Elemental resistance is very high, try debuffing them they will take much more damage.

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    Thats not what im saying. They take NO damage. At all. Period.

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    On the end screen they show damaged taken as 0

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    Its caused by their Physical/Elemental being ABOVE 100% and the ONLY way to deal with it is to debuff. Believe me, i was (most likely as i didnt see it mentioned anywhere else at the time) the first person to find/report this.

    as an aside, as you get higher in level, there becomes more and more ways to deal with this. unfortunately, this is where the meta is headed im afraid, and definately resistances will need a complete rework. hopefully by the next patch, other wise this could get toxic and out of hand very quickly.
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    check it Name:  IMG_20150806_134344.jpg
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Size:  1.05 MBThey were using brutus btw
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    yeah, thats physical/elemental resistance causing that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by weightofatlas View Post
    Thats not what im saying. They take NO damage. At all. Period.
    Do you remember which champion it was that was taking no damage?

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    can be done with any champ. just stack physical/elemental resistance, then watch as people who dont understand the value of a debuff try to kill you and fail miserably. its a terrible strategy and promotes uneven gameplay in my opinion. they arent "cheating" though as there is a way to kill them.

    1. stack basic attack damage buffs in the strength workouts
    2. debuff the offending player (or have a teammate debuff them)
    3. punch the offending player in the face with basic attacks
    4. ???
    5. profit

    has worked for me EVERY TIME

    however, there should be an easier (and less gold costly) method of doing this

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