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Thread: Apples All-Star workout not affecting stats?

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    Apples All-Star workout not affecting stats?

    When in the Champion training and workout menu, I usually have the stats page open. I've noticed that in the all-star category, The aromatherapy gives a +1 or +3 depending on which ranked workout you have chosen, but the apples, which say they give a 5% or 10% health regen, show not a single point of increase to the health regeneration stat. I'm wondering if this is resulting in no bonus to health regeneration, or if it simply is not showing the stat difference and still applying them.

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    The same for the strength work out, bowling

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    thats a question i was having today as well, i currently have 3 rank 3 apples equipped (which should be 60% increase). This should bring my health regen from 3 tosomething like 5 (quick math). though in fairness it wont yield a huge change using 30% vs. 60% and i really dont think health regen even plays a large role in this game. but i digress.

    i do believe its currently not working and was getting ready to list it as another workout thats not (TEE HEE) "working out" on the bugs page.

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