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    Exclamation Daily Challenges

    When i press Triangle to check my daily challenges it says that i have completed all 3 daily challenges when i only completed 1, so we are missing the other 2 daily challenges please fix

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    You only receive one Daily Challenge per day. They stack up to three times.

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    I have another question about Daily Challenges.

    Sometimes when I complete a challenge (play 7 games), I get the reward for completing it. Than the challenge pops up again after done loading to the main menu with 6/7 complete with a message on the bottom of the screen that says 1 reroll available. When I start a new match the challenge goes away.

    What is reroll and how do you use reroll?

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    Re roll is used to get a new challange if you dont want to do the first one given. Its used when viewing daily challange outside of battle.

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    Thank you! I guess the UI was messed up for me. I had to reset the game for the reroll to appear.

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