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Thread: Gamebreaking bug fix please

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    Angry Gamebreaking bug fix please

    i have played 2 different games and on both games one player took 0 damage. the first was rook and the other was khan. the rook took the ball to there spawn then waited till it hit overtime then he killed everyone because he took 0 damage!!! same thing happened in the next game but it was a khan. he took the ball but did not camp in there spawn but help it till overtime then killed everyone because he could not die since he took 0 damages. please fix this bug fast asap its a GAMEBREAKER!!!!!!!!!!! if this is due to some work out perks then they should be fixed but as it is now its BROKEN!!!!!!!!!!

    edited- so i have played 10 games now since i posted this and out of the ten games 8 of them had at least 1 player with full stage 3 knee pads which makes them invincible!! This is BS!!!!!!!! this breaks the game and now more and more people are using the exploit to make them take no damage!! Most of the top 25 on the leader boards all are using this exploit and it makes it were you can not win and dont wanna play anymore!!!!!!!fix this exploit tonight please otherwise this game is going to Die fast!!!!!!!!!!
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    Not a exploit... You just picked a char with no debuff options, and it ****es you off. Heres what i do. Lead with siphon swarm (-60% dmg resist) then kill them. It is literally that easy. If you would have joined us i would have taught you how to play

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