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Thread: PKYXPICKACHU #1....Glitcher

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    Thumbs up PKYXPICKACHU #1....Glitcher

    so the number 1 player in this game is using the knee pad glitch and making the game go into overtime to rack up his kill count..what a great player,right?

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    Confirmed, in several games, that he receives 0 damage for entire games, and is making the rank 1 spot almost uncatchable

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    elbow pads is not a glitch, can be debuffed, tested earlier and it can be done. mind you it requires really strong team effort

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    I agree that it can be done, and it takes a Team a Planed Team, built to defeat these people
    But we can not all communicate with pugs, with every team we play with,
    and to HAVE to build a certain way, to counter something that we can not see on the front end, Is a game problem

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    thats why this is a team game. this is a game where pugs can play, but to trully be good? that requires a team. its something that you just have to get used to as a MOBA, teams with a battle plan 60% of the time beat pugs 100% of the time

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    so what you are saying is that this broke mechanic is good? you must be using it then since your defending it so hard

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    teamwork is one thing but having a perk system that makes it impossible to do damage if your team is not running a certain character. that sir is wack sauce..

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    Lol everyone using this is no glitch and he ain't defending this mechanic, but take it however you like he was clearly telling you how to beat them..Anyway basically what you need is champs that can debuff them otherwise they won't take damage ..^-^
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    Quote Originally Posted by Akmomo View Post
    so what you are saying is that this broke mechanic is good? you must be using it then since your defending it so hard
    Before you talk, you should make sure to get the facts. I find your tone very rude and im unappreciative of it. If anything i was the first person to report such a problem, and if i wasnt, i was the first to publicly report it. Just because im not running around whining in every possible post does not mean i think it doesnt need to be reworked in some capacity. What i am saying however is that if you arent willing to understand what the true problem is, and you just want to yell NERF at the top of your lungs thats fine, but try contributing a solution first instead of just running around yelling the sky is falling.

    Maybe even start here:

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    They got 100% physc/element resist which is kinda broken atm..I'm sure they looking into this or they might not be looking at this at all, but once you reach level.30 buy tier3 workouts to easily kill them..

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