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Thread: PKYXPICKACHU #1....Glitcher

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    Quote Originally Posted by sirfizzywo View Post
    thats why this is a team game. This is a game where pugs can play, but to trully be good? That requires a team. Its something that you just have to get used to as a moba, teams with a battle plan 60% of the time beat pugs 100% of the time

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    My bad guys I didnt know it wasnt meant to be in the game until it got patched. Hopefully leaderboards reset to give all a fair advantage at first place.
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    yea man its all good i saw your stream and seems like you didn't mean to do the whole elbow glitch. and i have noticed you have not been going into the spawn with the ball with ace or rook

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    Oh the leaderboards will reset, dont you worry

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    He still spawn camps plunder ball relentlessly tho every time I check his stream out anyway play annihilation if you wanna kill ppl bro.

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