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Thread: Nexi seems to be OP

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    Nexi seems to be OP

    Every game I played against a Nexi I always lose like in annihilation I barely can get her health below 50%.

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    What champion were you using?

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    as a hardcore nexi player (8 hours logged with her so far), i have to agree.

    defense workouts (even rank 1) + basic attack damage (rank 2 works fine) + her self heal (400 per champ hit)= seriously?

    alot of people have been saying khan is OP, but i think once elbow pads and khan are reworked, nexi is going to be very strong contender. Debuff, self heal, basic attack speed buff AND a DoT! thats ALOT of strong mechanics for one character.

    though in fairness, shes kind of slow moving so you still have to catch your enemies, and her Health Max isnt great. ive been saying since i started playing that she was OP, but all anyone yells is KHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN!

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    Cause khan gap closer is rediculous lol

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    Thx for agreeing with me on Nexi I'm usually a Platimus and I come across Nexi all the time and it seems rare to win so hopefully the creators see this and Nerf atleast her self heal. P.s. I'm a bit new to moba style games I've played but never really got good at them

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    well i dont think she needs a full on NERF (as a Diablo player, the word NERF has such a negative connotation to me), but i think her self heal could be reduced to 300 per champ, and her max HP could be reduced by about 100 and shed be good to go.

    also, they said in another post that they planned on rolling out another 14 champs (start saving gold now lol) and i can only imagine what they bring to the table (hopefully more stuns, knockbacks, and maybe a Khan style AoE debuff instead of the typical buff).

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    I have played against Nexi about 5 times, everytime the "User" gets like 20 kills and no deaths and especially in Annihiation

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    I'm guilty of that lol

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    So SPOILER ALERT but some of those 14 champs do have moves that reduces the amount of healing that enemy champs can do. This help against the many healers of the game and Nexi ofc. She is very strong even without workouts while there are some champs that need workouts to be considered good. In low levels she may feel OP, but she gets balanced more once everyone has workouts.

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    *is quietly stacking bowling and night gloves on nexi.*

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