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Thread: Game Mode ideas

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    Game Mode ideas

    So, im thinking something like a 4 player wave survival game mode would be kind of neat. Theres already creeps (the guys that spawn in conquest and the ones used in training) and pick-ups. Survive as long as you can, or maybe give the team only a certain number of respawns.

    I also had a really cool thought based on someone elses post. sorry i cant remember who, but credit where credits due. on each of the current maps there is a kind of center fight area. what if in that spot was a crystal and its one teams job to attack that crystal, and another teams job to defend it. The catch is that only creeps (which would spawn at the edges of said map) can deal damage to it and its the attacking teams job to defend the creeps as they march to the center and attack the crystal.

    seemed neat to me.

    also we really need private matches lol

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    SirFizzy! There are three more modes on the way, two of which have elements similar to what you're describing. As a player I can't wait to get them in there! Giant Robots, Bases... oh man, you guys are gonna love what we have in store!!!


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    GIANT ROBOTS, BASES, OMG my day just got better!!

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    Giant robot = Titan = Attack on titan!?!

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    Well as a past player of SMC I will say the robot game mode is quite fun =D

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    I just want a ffa of some kinda and 1v1 2v2 option instead of always for death match and other game modes. Maybe some small maps for the 1v1 and 2v2.

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    Very excited for what im hearing!

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    This sounds awesome guys! When do the new champs drop by the way?

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    Ok sorry if anyone thinks i am spamming but i keep accidentally deleting my comment but i see alot of potential and i think that there could be a mode similar to how dota 2, and leauge of legends is played well done devs (personally i think this game is done and could be released at any time but thats me)

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    Maybe something where it's like dota or smite but with 6 people free for all on an roman arena map

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