I use 40k Coins to buy all the Bowling #3s it said that it will give a +20% Skill damage and Skill Healing also a -5% Max Energy. The champion I'm playing as is (Khan). Khan has 4 skills Vet Bash, Salvage Strike, Ally Shield and Battle Plan. I added 100% Skill damage and Healing to the skills then I went to Test Champion. Salvage Strike did do the amount of damage and healing that was added from bowling (3) but when I use Battle Plan which previously only healed me for 50 Health each second for the 5 seconds I added that 100% healing to that which should be healing me for 100 health each second for 5 seconds which it is not healing that much it is still healing 50 Health so I'm hoping they can fix this minor issue with the skills healing. If you have any thoughts on this please feel free to reply.