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Thread: Requested Changes For the game (List) (Non-Champion Issues)

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    many players are using Machine Gun whit Khan.

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    1. The ability to keep all bought purchases, Weapons and Workouts per hero or even per account

    I think this could be added in the form of an inventory. So that we can switch workout/badges between champs and refund them incase you buy the wrong ones testing builds. Say like, only refundable if done so within 3 games played after purchase/equipped. I don't mind farming coin but I'd like to be able to switch up champs from time to time. Farming on one champ continuesly to build another one gets crazy boring. And playing naked champs at level 30 just sucks.

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    Idk if I'm saying this right but I was thinking. Instead of each hero having 1 training slots we should have 3 for each character. Like I filled up my hero strength endurance and all- stars slots. And I can choose the hero again and able to do a whole another set training set

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jason Rob View Post

    Most Wanted Changes
    1. The ability to keep all bought purchases, Weapons and Workouts per hero or even per account

    2. Ability to pull up a players Profile to add friend, For ease of communication

    3. Private matches, For competitive play and practice

    4. More Group Control. The ability to promote a new leader in a group, The ability to suggest players
    Eventually Clan making and Team naming

    5. Tall Grass or shaded areas, For ganking and otherwise Sneaky Gameplay, would also allow for juking and other evasive gameplay

    6. RANKED, an actully ranked system beside the leaderboards. As the game gets older leaderboards will become harder to scratch into, Ranked system would allow new players to attain ranking, and old ones to as well

    (Please add more feature discussion below)
    I agree with all but #5, this would require re-working of existing toon skills. I think the stealth feature should remain a perk and not so widely available.

    But Yes, easier team room and options (add arena style grouping), and an actual "Tournament" dock made available a few times a day. Run them for an hour and post team names on ticker-tape and automate a rewards system that rewards #1-3 teams then a lesser blanket reward for #4-10 and so on.

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    A small level indicator? Like a little circle to the left of a players name with a red or blue # indicating someones level. Also i think a "title" line above a players name.

    For example: Have players be able to select,
    #1 - Grand Pirate King
    #2 - Ship Wrecker
    #3 - Sea Captain
    #4/10 - 1st Mate
    #11/30 - Treasure Pirate
    #31/50 - Jr. Pirate
    #51/90 - Plunderer
    #91/150 - Cannon Fodder

    #1 - The Taking King
    #2 - Conqueror
    #3 - Property Manager
    #4/10 - Grounds Keeper
    #11/30 - Bouncer
    #31/50 - Tower Knight
    #51/90 - Guard
    #91/150 - Adventurer

    #1 - Arena King
    #2 - Immortal
    #3 - Assassin
    #4/10 - Hired Gun
    #11/30 - True Brawler
    #31/50 - Fighter
    #51/90 - Tough Guy
    #91/150 - Meat Shied

    And possibly a slew of other achievable titles for getting a win streak or kill streaking etc.

    I think it would add immersion to the game and help with the problem of people thinking this or that is "OP." I know if i saw a person with a "(30) Arena King" tag come and walk all over my team i would be a smidge less irritated knowing that he is a highly seasoned player versus thinking everyone in the game is hacking cause im new and getting tossed in with vets.

    Food for thought eh?

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    I want...

    -Ranked matches with character exclusivity.
    Aka, one Brutus/team.

    And more than anything else........
    -I just want to know the level and name of the people I'm playing against.
    When I see the score at the end, I want to know who was who and what level they were... Or maybe, since a level 30 can have a non-equipped champ.... how "expensive" the champ they were using is. (Sum of all the costs of their equipped items)

    -I want an absolutely useless praise feature, so I can tell the rando who was on my team they were awesome, or the opponent that he was powerful. (Or the devs, if I think someone is hackz)

    -I want a guide... That tells you the actual effect of each trait/stat. (I legit only fully understand Attack Damage (and whoever they put in charge of the attack speed metric should be punched in the groin... by Brutus... with 'critical power'))

    -And I want 16000 cost All-star badges... That aren't straight balls.

    (Didn't realize I wanted so much)

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    One little thing I think should be changed is the host of a party just starting the game on his group and leaving people behind. All players should be able to select ready on there own to start the matchmaking instead of host starting a timed ready up.

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    Just saying this fuz and others a monthly subscription where you get a certain amount of chips a day or wekk. Ok they can buy champs weapons costumes taunts and boosts. But just because they have that its not p2w. Everyone has to buy runes and get a build and also know how to play the champion. Its not hearthstone its a pvp moba we dont buy armor or stats like league. So a subscription will give the game revinue but wont break the game. Itll be just like buying constant boosts all month. Or make it somthing u pay for that lasts a year and give u champs.
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    This game is a play to win the way it is. People who played since the beggining will always be stronger. This way u can catch up easier

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