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Thread: Requested Changes For the game (List) (Non-Champion Issues)

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    Requested Changes For the game (List) (Non-Champion Issues)

    Ok yall i'm seeing bits and pieces of certain requests for certain changes
    Id like to make a list, and a growing discussion of what we would like to see
    I will update this list as Relevant Changes are discussed, and talked about.
    As they are added we shall remove them from the list!

    Most Wanted Changes
    1. The ability to keep all bought purchases, Weapons and Workouts per hero or even per account

    2. Ability to pull up a players Profile to add friend, For ease of communication

    3. Private matches, For competitive play and practice

    4. More Group Control. The ability to promote a new leader in a group, The ability to suggest players
    Eventually Clan making and Team naming

    5. Tall Grass or shaded areas, For ganking and otherwise Sneaky Gameplay, would also allow for juking and other evasive gameplay

    6. RANKED, an actully ranked system beside the leaderboards. As the game gets older leaderboards will become harder to scratch into, Ranked system would allow new players to attain ranking, and old ones to as well

    (Please add more feature discussion below)
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    I agree with this thread 100% i feel as if we should either be able to keep our workouts and badges or have some sort of way to save a class or something

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    1. Ability to view friend leaderboards( may be a server issue but cannot view friends spots in global within the friends section)
    2. Next page option in leaderboards
    3. color blind filter

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    i understand that alot of people want the ability to retain purchased badges/workouts, but unfortunately i also understand that as a F2P model, there has to be a demand for the micro transactions. in this case the demand (coins) is satisfied by micro transactions and i dont see this ever changing really. if you kept all purchased workouts/badges, a dedicated player would be fully geared for a champion in about a week. this puts the average gamer at about a month. and the below average gamer at a longer period.

    again, im not saying i dont want this, just realistically this doesnt seem feasable as most would just opt to use in game matches as their only source of coin income and steer clear of ALL micro transactions.

    its almost midnight here and im a tad tired so sorry if this makes zero sense lol.

    as contribution to the post though i will say

    1. private matches (though i also understand the concern of splitting the already small player base)

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    Im gonna have to agree with sirfizzy here.

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    While I do understand what you are saying SirFizzy, if we had the ability to retain all workous/weapons per champ, this would also allow for people to have multiple builds for each champion. All champions can be built several ways in order to have different uses and specialties. It is disappointing to want to have/try multiple builds by having your previous build deleted. One solution to this in order to help both the players and the devs could be to have higher priced workouts that unlock permanently unique to each champion ofc. That way people still want to buy boosts to get coins faster and they can also have multiple builds.

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    i see where you are coming from, but increasing costs (lets say for arguments sake double, though the reality is it would probably be triple or maybe quadruple) would almost make it so that microtransactions would be mandatory. that would take the game from F2P territory right into (ALL OF MY NOPE) the land of P2W.

    its a fine line to walk, but if i HAVE to pick one option, im going to choose a forced rebuy of workouts as honestly its really not that bad once you get 1 character geared out (which can be done fully well before level 30).

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    @SirFizzy I do not belive that you understand me correctly. What I would like is when you buy a workout with one champion that you should be able to switch back to that workout if you decide to buy another one. For example: I buy bowling lvl3 on nexi. I decide I want to try something new so I buy darts. If i decide that bowling is more affective than darts, I would like to switch back for free just on my nexi though. I am not wanting to unlock bowling once and have it all champs.

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    I think they should tweak the group ready-up menu thus making the time a tad bit longer and making it to where once all party members are ready to go you dont have to wait the rest of the time... nothing major but it would be cool

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    yes i fully understand what you are asking, and i understand your position. i even empathize with it. i too think it would be much easier for players to try various builds if that were the case.

    i do however maintain my position on this subject that it makes it far too easy to accumulate all the badges quickly. i personally would already own all workouts (and most badges) for nexi, xavilla, and killowatt if this were the case, and i havent even been able to play for more than a few hours a day lately.

    my examples of price increases for perma buy options are pulled almost straight from LoL where winning a match is worth like 10 in game currency, and the average hero costs like 1k in game currency (my facts might be a bit off as i havent played LoL in AWHIIIIIIILE).

    still though, maybe im just wrong entirely

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