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Thread: Requested Changes For the game (List) (Non-Champion Issues)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Demonos View Post
    Eh I'd have to disagree with you. There will obviously be a certain cookie cutter level to it but currently the only meta is endurance workouts while the badges and workouts for the other 2 tiers can vary vastly depending on the player and build. Theres anti-attack speed, high attack speed, energy defense, high crit, pure attack damage and these builds counter each other in certain ways.
    You might be right. Though it will ended up with 2 or so builds that are good for one player and it just depends on team mates. But in the end the argument that not keeping them forces microtransactions is only true atm as no one has done enough testing or let enough people know their results. After that people will grind 30 and look up each character they want maxed and buy or grind the coins

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    to correct the math a bit, its 168k per champion (all rank 3 workouts/badges) plus 25k per bought champion, bringing the total to 579k which is 579 winning matches (not counting double gold boosts or gold gained from level ups)....gotta say, looks highly obtainable.

    though in fairness i said i had them MOSTLY fully geared, which is still true, and i also never said they were all rank 3 badges/workouts.

    EDIT: i believe we both misunderstood each other. my original statement was worded incorrectly, and i believe the math you did was for ALL WORKOUTS/BADGES, where as my math was just for 3 fully geared heroes. i apologise for any misconception this brought about.
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    not sure why its not on this list yet but....

    tall grass/shrubbery/bushes/jungle
    this game could use some of that i think. something that will allow us to really set up ambushes. this is not only a good game mechanic, but also promotes strong team play and communication.

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    I'd like some moba like lanes mode. All the current modes are awesome, but you have so much potential going on for the first moba on PS4. I'd like to see a better match making towards lvls and skills. That way maybe every game wouldn't be a possible bot mix. Great though that bots can be mixed in to reduce waiting. I'd like a little more tweaking towards the badges and skills. Because some of the tops are using some speed/stun combo that just eliminates you in a second regardless of your badge status and such. Which just leaves a bad taste in your mouth towards wanting to continue to play. Also I wouldn't mind seeing some more hype for this game here and there? When looking for known issues or anything related to the game I never find anything. Cause this game is really amazing, and I hope that it will grow through word of mouth. Even the quick fixes are nice, and great to know that it's being carefully monitored.

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    Awesomenauts and AirMech Arena (theres also Invokers Tornament, though in my opinion its not as good as the other two i mentioned)are also MOBA's on the ps4. not trying to undermine this game in anyway, just stating that this isnt the first and there are others to play if you are interested in playing other MOBA's (while also playing this one, duh!).

    the game also has a fairly small playerbase currently which is why info is harder to find. i believe Emomiime and others are trying to get started on a wiki, so hopefully soon that information you need will be at your fingertips.

    as for the game modes, i believe they already stated they have a lane mode on the way in another post, and a lane mode was included in Smashmuck Champions (the original version of Trans Galactic Tournament)
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    5. Tall Grass or shaded areas, For ganking and otherwise Sneaky Gameplay, would also allow for juking and other evasive gameplay

    6. RANKED, an actully ranked system beside the leaderboards. As the game gets older leaderboards will become harder to scratch into, Ranked system would allow new players to attain ranking, and old ones to as well

    Added two more features talked about

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    Ah yes I did misunderstand. Thank you.

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    In game chat would be nice, but not a game breaker.

    An afk time out, on the other hand is. To many people just sit at the spawn waiting for free gold/exp. If not addressed soon it will end up killing the game.

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    Not sure if this has been mentioned, but I'll throw it out anyways. An option to build multiple loadouts for each character that can be accessed at the character select screen.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SirFizzyWo View Post
    i understand that alot of people want the ability to retain purchased badges/workouts, but unfortunately i also understand that as a F2P model, there has to be a demand for the micro transactions. in this case the demand (coins) is satisfied by micro transactions and i dont see this ever changing really. if you kept all purchased workouts/badges, a dedicated player would be fully geared for a champion in about a week. this puts the average gamer at about a month. and the below average gamer at a longer period.

    again, im not saying i dont want this, just realistically this doesnt seem feasable as most would just opt to use in game matches as their only source of coin income and steer clear of ALL micro transactions.

    its almost midnight here and im a tad tired so sorry if this makes zero sense lol.

    as contribution to the post though i will say

    1. private matches (though i also understand the concern of splitting the already small player base)
    Dunno if this had been addressed, but the only way to buy in game currency is through one time purchase...Soooooo ya... big old fail, ofc unless that changes in the future, which I doubt.

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