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Thread: Requested Changes For the game (List) (Non-Champion Issues)

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    Quote Originally Posted by SirFizzyWo View Post
    i understand that alot of people want the ability to retain purchased badges/workouts, but unfortunately i also understand that as a F2P model, there has to be a demand for the micro transactions. in this case the demand (coins) is satisfied by micro transactions and i dont see this ever changing really. if you kept all purchased workouts/badges, a dedicated player would be fully geared for a champion in about a week. this puts the average gamer at about a month. and the below average gamer at a longer period.

    again, im not saying i dont want this, just realistically this doesnt seem feasable as most would just opt to use in game matches as their only source of coin income and steer clear of ALL micro transactions.

    its almost midnight here and im a tad tired so sorry if this makes zero sense lol.

    as contribution to the post though i will say

    1. private matches (though i also understand the concern of splitting the already small player base)

    This was talked about awhile back, but I think SirFizzyWo is right here. My suggestion would be to offer the ability to have multiple loadouts for each character. This would give us the best of both worlds, IMO. The demand for micro transactions would still be there because you would still have to purchase each workout for different loadouts, and it would give the players a way to save certain combinations of workouts. The ability to build more loadouts for a character would also provide more incentive for higher level/ maxed-out players to purchase coin boosts, and it would give the players something to shoot for in-game. Multiple loadouts would also add to the competitiveness of the game. Being able to switch your load out to match the enemy team in the select screen or at the start of the game would be great. Just my opinion on that matter.

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    Maybe an optional paid subscription as seen in other f2p games. Maybe have it give you members only deals, coin/xp boosts, and/or an allotment of chips monthly/weekly.

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    well a big problem (in my eyes) right now is that XP boosts are useless at 30. also i hate subscriptions, they USUALLY take a f2p game and turn it into p2w so i really hope they stay away from this method. though in the case of gold boosts/monthly chips, i guess that wouldnt be as bad.

    i just dont want to see game features reserved for only "subscribers". nothing turns me away from a game faster (heres looking at you DCUO).

    im starting to come around to the idea of loadouts, as long as the workouts and badges would still have to purchased per loadout, and that tbe loadouts arent locked until you pay for them. 2 loadouts per character with the option to buy more would be the best idea i think.

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    Some skill based matchmaking would be swell. Tired of getting paired with people who probably lick windows for a living.

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    It'd be nice to see an icon of the champion people are playing, next to their name, when pulling up the scoreboard. That way you'd be able to see which champion is dominating, without having to come across them and read the name above their head.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GamerNoah View Post
    It'd be nice to see an icon of the champion people are playing, next to their name, when pulling up the scoreboard. That way you'd be able to see which champion is dominating, without having to come across them and read the name above their head.
    +1 easier to find the good players and single them out this way >

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    How is it possible to attack at the spread of sound

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    Max punching bag and mechgun badge bro. Plus nexi gets a speed boost for doing her basic attack. Also what lvl are you and what do you normally play. There are some really squishy people especially at low lvls like ace and killwatt

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    A kick/replace with bot feature for AFK people, I've been in 5 games now where someone was afk didn't move the whole game. It's ridiculous not to mention a hindrance to the team.

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    I don't know if anyone suggested this or not because I didn't read the other post's (don't have the time sorry lazy lol) but matchmaking lobby's please I really don't like having to manually click play and choose the game mode after each match. Also is there a voice chat in this game or is it just that people don't like to chat idk

    Edit: Also a vote map system during lobby's and like everyone else suggested keeping our unlocked purchases I don't care if you need a reason to get people to buy the packs if I take 3-4 hours of my time to earn coins to spend only to lose that purchase because I wanted to try another thing I think I deserve to keep it. Getting coins isn't exactly easy in this game now if you want to get people to buy packs maybe make more costumes that can't only be bought with chips or cooler taunts. I really think this game shouldn't have been f2p and just cost 15 or 20 at most dollars would have made more money that way but i'm just being off topic now and blabbering at this point.
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