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Thread: Requested Changes For the game (List) (Non-Champion Issues)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gelidkiller View Post
    I don't know if anyone suggested this or not because I didn't read the other post's (don't have the time sorry lazy lol) but matchmaking lobby's please I really don't like having to manually click play and choose the game mode after each match.
    If there was an automatic "play again" feature, kind of like a lobby of sorts, that would allow people to be able to afk and farm coins. Not only would that hurt teammates who are actually playing, it would also kill off possible money being made from coin boosts~
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    Quote Originally Posted by GamerNoah View Post
    If there was an automatic "play again" feature, kind of like a lobby of sorts, that would allow people to be able to afk and farm coins. Not only would that hurt teammates who are actually playing, it would also kill off possible money being made from coin boosts~
    Easy make a anti afk system we need that already as some people are already doing that anyways. To be honest i'm surprised there wasn't one implemented already as most multiplayer games have this as a standard.

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    when you guys make ranked play you guys should create a ranking system so that new players with little experience/skill don't get matched against someone playing the game since day 1

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    New Trophies.
    (Capture the plunderball 3 times without dying) Ive done that twice now
    (make x kills without dying)
    (unlock x heroes) this can be multiple part.
    (Unlock all heroes)
    (Fully Upgrade a Hero)
    (Win conquest while in control of all bases) Ive done that as well

    Its kinda bumming doing these cool things and not seeing a trophy pop up

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    I think you give more gold to lvl 30 players, or give us other possibility to get gold bonus.
    Now, when lvl up, we received a bonus gold. But, in max lvl, we dont received anymore.
    So, is much more difficult to do gold.
    Any game have 6min (more ir less), more loding e chose champs time, 10min.
    So, we need 10min to do 1000gold (if win the game).
    We need 80min to lvl up one upgrade champs (winning all games) (8000gold onde upgrade lvl 3).
    And 1.200 to lvl up all upgrades (except badges tier 3 - we need more 480min). Are 20 hours. Only for one champs. If win all games.
    So, is very, VERY, difficult for max lvl players do gold. The game will be tired. Because we couldnt change our champs.
    (Sry my english... I'm brazilian)

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    ive stated before tbat i feel the gold boost should provide a larger multiplier (my suggestion was 4x instead of 2x), but that aside, it doesnt take the average player over 20 hours to max a champ, even with load times (which IMHO arent very long). as a matter of fact, i had Nexi maxed by the time i was level 30 and was working on maxing a second character. I currently have less than 40 hours of gameplay logged (shame on me lol) and have 4 characters completely decked out.

    it does take a while. i wont argue there, but 20 hours is an over exageration i think, and it takes less than 80 minutes to get 8000 gold (of course this vastly depends on team/your skill, but i really dont see why you couldnt go for 1 tier 3 workout every 45 to 50 or so minutes, maybe less).

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    Plunderball and Conquest rarely take less than 6 minutes to finish.
    so you'll get 8000 gold in less than 80min you need to necessarily play in Annihilation, which, we know, Khan and Nexi dominate.
    if you did not lucky enough to get to play with any of them, like me, you will not win every game and depend on luck to win (another player with Khan or Nexi).
    these conditions and without the Coin Bonus (x2), you will take much more than 50min to win 8000 gold.
    another thing, Not everyone knows which Trainnig should increase and missed gold by trial and error.
    Then, for a normal player, who did not buy the Bonus, my estimated max lvl is super consistent.
    I take this opportunity to emphasize the need to balance the characters and remove the Machunegun Badge.

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    well i can agree that conquest takes some time, but plunderball can definately be done in less than 6 minutes. annihilation is always 5 minutes. loading times are like a minute (tops) so one load before, one load after and (at most) a 6 minute plunderball equals 8 minutes. 8x8=64. so maybe 50 minutes is off (though from my experience its not), but 80 is also off.

    i would also like to point out that there are actually "highlights" in the game that are semi-broken. they only work sometimes, but are meant to increase your gold gained per match by doing certain things in match. when these are fully working i think it will make a difference.

    as for trial and error with creating a build for a champ that works, IMO, thats just a part of any game where "gearing" a character out plays a role. here, its a bit steeper since you dont keep workouts, but its also F2P here. I think some level of grind is to be expected. otherwise, where is the incentive to buy coin boosts?

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    Badge Machinegun must be removed.
    Badge very unfair, bringing inequality between the players (who first kill, get the bonus atk speed).
    Badge should have a time limit for effect

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    Then u should just delete nix. Too then since she has a built in machine gun.

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