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Thread: A proposed change to Nexi.

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    A proposed change to Nexi.

    This isn't a buff or a nerf thing so don't worry about that.

    But, her clone, team-mates need a way to differentiate between the clone and the real one. So many times I have attempted to heal a nexi, only for it to be the clone.

    Maybe make the clone transparent or make it there is an arrow or something that says "Hey this is the clone don't bother trying to heal".

    Or alternatively make it so we can heal the clone.

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    agreed that it should be clearer. i believed cloned Nexi's were actually smaller than Nexi. That was just my eyes playing tricks on me. Having tested it, i definately believe there should be a stronger indicator for fellow team mates to identify you vs. your clone.

    edit: i was wrong, changed my comment to reflect that.
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    The only tell tale that I can confirm is that the clone nexi has 100% energy. But this is a small detail that can easily be overlooked in the heat of battle.
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    Yeah, I play nexi a lot and I have noticed a lot of khan, kilowatt, and leatherhead players using abilities on my clone to try and save it, I kind of feel bad about it because it waste so much time and energy for them.

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