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Thread: 4 Khans, Too much.

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    4 Khans, Too much.

    When you get a group of 4 Khans running shields and movement speed and you have a bot it kinda feels like quitting is the only option.

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    Haha I know what you mean. I am hoping once the other 13 champs in the game that Kizz studios will allow only one champ of the same type on the same team like most MOBAs. If not hopefully there will be a limit to two at least. 4 of the same champ just isn't fun.

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    Lol try have 2 khans and 2 rooks.
    Or 4 rooks, I have been stun locked until death by just 2.

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    Or you can just nerf khan. Or maybe have a counter, doesnt seem fair for me not to be able to you ace or rook because someone else used him.

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