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Thread: Leaderboard Reset

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    Leaderboard Reset

    I would personally like the leaderboard to be reset after beta. Reason being is obvious. While the 100% resistance glitch was around, a whole lot of players have gotten to the top 100 and made it impossible for any other people to get up there. Although i am in the top 1% of the leaderboards i do not feel this is fair to those who didnt do it and are better than the players that abused a glitch.

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    Gotta say, im 100% in favor of this. honestly i wouldnt mind one now, and then another when the game official leaves beta.

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    Kiz Studios has stated in their live stream that leader boards will reset one the game goes live. Don't gotta worry about that =)

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    Very good to hear, as new player and old will love a new crack at it,

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    Good to know. I dont watch streams so i never would have found out.

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    Are you flipping serious? This is the first time ive made it this far on a leaderboard in my life > wonderful...

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    Im number one in the game and I dont mind a hard reset. =)
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    What does it matter. Somebody is gonna find a glitch and be number 1 in kills with 0 kills unless you can stop people from cheating or at least monitor the leaderboards, then leaderboards will ALWAYS be useless info

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    bit negative yeah? still though i can see your point. a leaderboard reset doesnt do a whole lot of good right now since there are still alot of unresolved bugs that are causing players/builds to be at a disadvantage.

    in fairness, what this post is about is a reset AFTER beta, in which case the theory is the game at that point will be relatively bug free and the leader boards would then be easier to moniter.

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    Well I hope it's soon Wizzy. Im sick and tired of being pummled by OP Khans, and low life players hiding in their spawn with the plunder ball....

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