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Thread: Level range matchmaking

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    Level range matchmaking

    Can we get some lvl brackets or at least like a 1-9 and 10+. My friend and I will sometimes win conquest 100-5 and then lose 5-100. Some of it is how easy bots are other is people using khans and rooks. Though at some point I feel like I have killed brutus way more than anything else ****
    We are both lvl 22 atm btw

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    i will say that this doesnt seem likely, at least not currently, as the player base is probably too small. once the player base grows some, i definately hope this is the case as it probably isnt much fun for a pug of level 10 and lowers to get curb stomped by a team of level 30's.

    thats said, what i really hope for is a solo only queue where when you choose to play solo, you are only matched with other solo players. combine this with voice chat with your (new) team mates and you are GUARANTEED to make new friends/archnemesis

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    If they just added voice chat to the teams that would help. Also having bot on your team is almost as bad as have a noob

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    Hey there Wettip many of us have also been experiencing the same problem of one team steam rolling another due to level advantage, bots, or going against premades. As a community I believe that it is important to stress the fact there in game chat is limited and hard to communicate with team members. Luckily since we all play on the PS4, however, this really isn't a problem due to party chat.

    Long story short, feel free to add members here on the forums and group up for some good fun! If we get enough people to do this, eventually we will have several premades that will be going against each other and finding the true potential of strategy that this game is revolved around.

    PSN: XxemomiimexX =)

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    We implemented a fairly relaxed matchmaker to help facilitate a lower number of concurrent players. We will adress this in a patch soon. Thanks all!

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