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Thread: Daily Challenge Proposal

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    Lightbulb Daily Challenge Proposal

    [ For the newer players ] I'll clear this up for anyone who doesn't know already. Daily challenges stack up to a maximum of 3. Not 3 new challenges each day.

    My two big problems with daily challenges thus far
    1. The challenges are too easy
    2. Only given one challenge per day

    A fix that I think would make this system a lot better would be to give players 3 new challenges each day that are at a higher difficulty than they are currently at. [ Example: Deal 50,000 DMG with (insert champion) ] this may seem like a high demand of damage, but the challenges that are currently set are asking for 3,500 DMG. This can be done in 2-3 kills with some champions. Having three challenges each day also means that the rewards for completing them would have to decrease. I would assume 1,500 coins per challenge would be a good base point. This would change the maximum daily challenge reward from 3500 to 4500, at the cost of more advanced challenges.

    Please let me know what you guys think about this idea. I would especially like to know what the devs think about this idea.

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    50k is still to low 100k-250k. That's doable in less than 3 matches and I have done 50k dmg in a long game. Though why with a certain character? I just skipped one that said a character I don't like since 3.5k is a laugh in coins when you get to rank 3 badges. That being said why would you lower it to 1.5k? I probably wouldn't even worry about them at that point. Wouldn't even notice the coins if I did complete one.
    We do need more than one a day, they do need to be harder, but not at a already low reward.

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    I agree 50k is low. But keep in mind we are talking as experienced players. And some champions such as Xavilla, leatherhead, and Platimus aren't meant to dish out that much damage like other champs. Having the challenges character specific also puts the "Challenge" in daily challenge. Its not a challenge if you are using a champion that you are completely used to. As far as 3.5k being a joke to lvl 30 players, I completely disagree. Every coin boost helps. 3.5k coins for doing daily challenges is one step closer to your next Badge, Champ, etc.

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    The daily challenge system is a pretty simple first pass on the system. We plan to expand it, so any ideas you all have about what may make it more effective are welcome.

    - The challenges tied to specific champs are meant to get people experimenting with different characters and thus strategies. We intend to tie this to the champion rotation a little more closely, so it is more applicable to all players.

    - Another idea we've been exploring is setting each daily challenge into a tier system, where there may be three difficulties for each daily challenge (10KOs, 20KOs, 30KOs, etc) each for scaling rewards. That's a fairly common system and works well to spread the challenge out and allow more casual players a chance at achieving a reward while still allowing the more hardcore players a challenge and goal.

    Either way, please know that the system is still a simple core upon which we plan to expand.

    Thanks for the ideas! Keep 'em coming!

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    couldnt have said it better myself

    it could be better for sure, but as a core to build upon its doing its job of helping gain coin.

    i really like the idea of tiered challenges with scaling rewards.

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