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Thread: Player Poll: TGT Live Tournaments

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    Sounds like a good time, im for it.

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    Against the devs! Awesome!

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    I'm fairly new to the game but I still think it's a great idea. Always fun to test yourself against the game makers and usually it's a fun battle. Oh, and of course prizes =P

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    Please set a limit on the number of Khan players on a team. a 4v4 all khan match would last for years.

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    I would love to get in on some tournament action and got a team for it. Ready to stream every second of it.

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    Khan is severely broken. Needs major Nerf. I played with khan his skill set is too easy and he's too OP. Makes game not fun. Silences, sleeps, movement speed effects should not last longer than 2.5 seconds. Eliminate panic button skills that sleep and rape opponents. Make all skills so you have to aim and be precise promoting better gameplay experience. Should be able to see how your allies, enemies build their champs. More in game healing, stamina/energy restoring. If someone picks a champ no one is allowed to pick them on your team, promoting more people playing with different champs.

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    What the what . Hell yes that would be smack wonderful . I'm definitely down for it

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    I'm super mega down for it but... I need it to work with my work hours XD.

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    Hey guys add me c75cent. Playable characters ninjette. Odious and minos.

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