Hey guys! I'm Deadlywolf_JTT. I'm currently rank 3 in plunderball and I love this game!

As a beta tester I would like to contribute and make a few suggestions about what needs to be changed in this game.

Top Priority (Stuff that REALLY needs to be looked into).
-There has been a dilemma in plunderball where certain champions can jump/teleport back into their spawn with the ball. If they have they score lead, they could easily camp there for the rest of the match if their intent is to get a guaranteed win. It's extremely gamebreaking because there aren't many champions that cannot enter the enemies spawn.

Some neat practical ideas.
-I think when the party leader of a group enters matchmaking, the whole party's group should start vibrating to prompt people to ready up.
-I think during the waiting room, where everyone chooses their champion. If the timer to pick a champion reaches a low number, I think people who haven't ready up should have their controllers vibrate to remind them they haven't picked a champion yet.
-Edit, the PS4 controller has speakers. Maybe you guys can utilize the speakers to remind players as well. Maybe something like a "DING!" sound. And other creative stuff.